At PESCO we manage large capital investment projects for our Clients

We do this through mobilizing a team of project management experts, with a proven track record of successful project delivery.

We monitor performance to verify compliance with the requirements of the Project, the Project Specifications, the Project Schedule and agreed procedures 

We monitor, manage and forecast overall project cost and schedule

We manage EPC contractors and specialized subcontractors, and assist them in interpretation and clarification of specifications, drawings, contract terms and contract conditions. 

We establish and maintain the project file, including latest revision of design drawings, contract specifications, contract changes, vendor drawings, instruction manuals, reports, etc. and deliver this in a format required by our clients

We manage Job site HSE.


We monitor and review Technology Licensors, FEED Contractors and EPC Contractors technical work to verify that a facility is engineered in accordance with the Project Specification.

We review FEED Contractors and EPC Contractors development of Process Flow Diagrams, Engineering Flow Diagrams, Plot Plans, hazardous area classification and utility summaries

We review designs for critical major equipment items including appropriate attendance at Vendors meetings

We review FEED and EPC Contractors compliance with Licensor requirements, including Licensor input to design reviews, Safety Reviews, Model Reviews etc.

We monitor production of Design and Data Books, PDP, FEED and PD packages, and all detailed design documentation.

Support for all required authority expertise


At PESCO we recognize the many areas of technical expertise that are required to manage the realization of a large complex in the industries we serve.
PESCO has these specialists in-house and make them available to a project when required covering disciplines like:

  • Metallurgy
  • Environmental
  • Logistics
  • Heavy Lifting
  • Synchronization of Russian and international specifications
  • Noise

For Example:
For Utility Consumption – We review FEED/EPC Contractors reports of the calculated utility consumption / production and compare to pre-engineered utility balances. We verify that utility plant capacities are as guaranteed

For Effluents – We review that FEED/EPC Contractors effluent streams fall within the permitting levels for such effluents. We verify that effluent treatment plants capacity are adequate and that Contractors. designs comply with environmental requirements set out in the Project Specification


We maintain the overall Cost Control System

We coordinate the development of the monthly report system 

We review construction logic of FEED/EPC Contractors plans

We review and monitor FEED/EPC Contractors, sub-contractors and Vendors Programs, schedules and progress

We evaluate project costs and forecast forthcoming costs

We evaluate Project schedules, look ahead and mitigating plans


Overall Schedule Review

Interfaces to integrated schedules for multi-center operations

Critical dates review at the interface points

Schedule Hierarchy

Engineering Schedules 

Material Schedules

Construction and Commissioning Schedules


Monitor and review project costs. 

Establish project budgets.

Track commitments and expenditures.

Maintain accurate forecasts of the cost at completion.

Thank you!