PESCO is a trusted partner in implementation of large-scale projects

We at PESCO aspire to become the company of choice for customers when choosing a contractor to manage PMC and EPCm projects in the energy industry.

Dorus Everwijn,
Managing Director
More than 30 years of experience in corporate management and business development in international EPC markets


We are constantly improving the safety standards of our employees and contractors. The company recognizes and welcomes differences in life and work experience of all employees.

We not only have programs to enhance employees' professional skills, but also carry out activities aimed at supporting their physical and mental health.

and standards

PESCO's core value is doing business according to the highest ethical norms and standards outlined in the company's Code of Business Conduct and Anti-Corruption Policy.


At PESCO we are fully aware that we operate in an environmentally hazardous industry and are constantly striving to reduce our impact on the environment.

The company is developing a strategy that incorporates a joint commitment with customers and suppliers to protect and preserve our planet for future generations.

Social responsibility

We recognize that we can contribute to increase of social responsibility and strive to improve the quality of life in the region where the company operates.